Choosing the right frame for your artwork or photograph will showcase and enhance your piece whilst keeping it protected for decades.

Whether you would like a minimalist surround to make your picture stand out or a statement frame that creates impact, we have an abundance of choice for you.


All our frames are solid wood and we use only the highest quality materials in the assembly process.  Choose from a large variety of colours, designs and depths.  Whatever you choose, you can be assured that your frame will be created with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Mount Boards

We carry a large range of mount boards in many colours, finishes and thicknesses.  Whilst mounts enrich the appearance of the piece, their primary purpose is to keep distance between the picture and the glazing.


Properly sealed glazing will protect your picture from damage caused by moisture, dust and even insects.  We generally use glass but can also provide acrylic glazing which is a safer option for children’s rooms and public areas.  If your picture will be hung in a high reflective area, it could be difficult to see the picture in all its glory.  In this case, we can supply a non-reflective glass.  This glass is slightly defused and will overcome any such difficulties.

Canvas Stretching

If your painting is on canvas, we can stretch in by hand to make sure the tension is at the optimum level.  We can stretch any size canvas and can do so whether you decide to then frame it or not.  Often, a stretched canvas doesn’t require a frame but a flat frame can enhance to look in many instances.


We also stock a range of hooks and hanging equipment.

Before leaving our workshop, every piece is quality checked to ensure that:

  • the corners are perfectly joined
  • the glass is sealed and secure
  • the picture is perfectly aligned

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