Community Care Services

Reach Ability provides pathways through support, training and employment to enable people with disabilities to live fulfilling, independent lifestyles.

Our services have been trusted across Wexford since 1975 and Reach Ability is now recognised as a leading provider of quality care for people with intellectual disabilities.

Today, we provide a range of specialised supports to 174 people, from those in early childhood right through to older age.

It is our mission to enable and empower people with disabilities to live the life of their choice to their utmost ability.   We do this by providing community care services that encompass:

Community Inclusion Services
Vocational Training
Employment Services
Residential Community Designated Centres
Respite Community Designated Centre
Advocacy Support

Programmes are devised based on real life mentoring and include education, recreation, community participation, personal development, life skills and social skills.

To discuss any of these services, contact us.