Supporting people to live the life of their choice to be best of their ability is central to the services we provide on a day-to-day basis.  All our care services have a common factor – a strong focus on outcomes that will provide a feeling of empowerment, fulfilment, achievement and independence for the person involved.

HSE New Directions

All programmes are devised in line with HSE New Directions, Interim Standards Services and Supports for Adults with Disabilities.

These standards are based on a number of key principles, which are to:

  1. Provide person-centred services and supports that are tailored to individual need
  2. Provide person-centred services and supports that promote community inclusion and active citizenship
  3. Provide person-centred services and supports that promote independence and a good quality of life for people using them
  4. Promote and uphold the equal rights of adults with disabilities
  5. Promote and improve the health and development of each person
  6. Provide safe services and supports that promote positive risk management
  7. Provide effective governance arrangements with clear leadership, management and lines of accountability
  8. Plan and use resources effectively
  9. Deliver responsive and consistent services based on evidence and good practice

Community Inclusion Hubs

At the heart of these principles, we believe are the objectives of adopting a person-centred approach and nurturing community inclusion.

In order to truly deliver on these objectives, we have extended our services beyond our campuses in Enniscorthy.  Community Inclusion Hubs are now located in parish halls and community centres in various communities across Wexford and this provides an opportunity for real community involvement and active citizenship.

These hubs also allowed us to continue to provide safe, essential services during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Services could be accessed more easily by people that needed them most during difficult times.

The outcomes are that people feel empowered within their own community and an active contributor towards that community.

To find out the location of your local Community Inclusion Hub or to further discuss these services, contact us.

Rehabilitative Training

The core of the supports we provide are delivered through our rehabilitative training programme.  Supporting the principles of New Directions as outlined above, it is a 3-year course and it is HSE funded.

The objectives of the course are to help people:

  • to make choices and plans to achieve personal goals and aspirations
  • to have a say in the decisions that affect his or her life
  • to have increased support in one’s local community.

To achieve these objectives, we provide support for:

  • maximising independence
  • having meaningful social roles
  • making transitions and progression
  • health and wellbeing
  • personal expression and creativity
  • influencing service policies and practice within our organisation
  • progressing to Vocational Training and work opportunities if desired
  • accessing education and formal learning if desired

Overview of Course Content

Life Skills

  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Cooking skills
  • Advocacy skills – understanding rights and responsibilities
  • Independent living skills – road safety, driver theory, travelling independently, money management
  • Community based learning opportunities
  • Community participation and active citizenship

Personal Development

  • Personal care
  • Friendship
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills
  • Personal development & relationships
  • Art and creativity
  • Personal safety
  • Personal health

Work Skills

  • Horticulture
  • Wood working
  • Work experience
  • Volunteering
  • Preparation for work
  • Job seeking skills
  • Health & Safety

Sports, Leisure and Social Activities

A variety of day-trip, sports and leisure activities take place on a continuous basis.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are over 18 years of age and have a disability you may be eligible for the programme.  Each applicant will require an individual needs assessment to determine if the appropriate level of support can be provided.  All applicants must firstly be registered with the HSE Occupational Guidance Service.


The programme is run over 3 years and is full time, Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm (30 hours).
We have 25 student places available.

Year 1 – Discovery – development of a person-centred plan and goals for the future
Year 2 – Rehabilitative Training – further progression of goals and community inclusion
Year 3 – Transition – future planning and progression

Person-Centred Plan

In the first year, each student is supported to develop a person-centred plan which outlines their own personal goals and aspirations for the future.  The plan is developed in consultation with the student and their circle of support i.e. family, County Wexford Community Workshop staff and other supports that may be available to them.

Other Training Opportunities

As part of their person-centred plan students may explore the possibility of participating in training courses run in the community.  Recent examples include:

  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Literacy Courses run by the Waterford Wexford Education and Training Board (WWETB)
  • QQI Level 3 courses run by the WWETB

These courses take place in community facilities in Enniscorthy, Wexford, Gorey and New Ross.

Resource Teachers

Each student has an individual programme geared to his/her own needs and aptitudes.
Students under the age of 25 avail of support from a resource teacher, who are part of the rehabilitative training team and funded by the Department of Education.  We currently have two resource teachers on our team.  The resource teacher monitors the student’s progress with a view to effective placement on completion of the course.


The course is designed to give students an opportunity to grow and develop as an independent individual, who can make autonomous decisions and choices and be an active citizen in their own community.  Over the three years, students will have the opportunity to sample a broad range of vocational, community and training activities resulting in transitions and progressions to access further education and employment opportunities, if they so wish, in line with HSE New Directions guidelines.

Some individuals begin to work with a Job Coach in the Employability Wexford service. This service supports and assists individuals with a disability to obtain employment.

For full details of the application procedure and admission policy, contact us.