Reach Ability provides a permanent home for 16 people, located in dedicated houses across Wexford.  In keeping with the values of our organisation, all these homes are:

  • community based
  • reflect the needs and preferences of the individual
  • are designed so that they are accessible
  • aim to maximise independence

To ensure these values are upheld, we work with the Health Information Quality Authority (HIQA) and receive funding from the HSE.  HIQA is an independent authority that exists to improve health and social care services.

We have developed various models of accommodation to meet differing, individual needs.  All are located within communities.  This ensures that residents can be active participants within their local communities while having a home that provides the security and comfort that we all value.  There is a strong emphasis on supporting residents to achieve this active participation within the community and to engage with local amenities.  Each house is run independently, reflecting the preferences and needs of the residents.

In running each house, we are committed to a person-centred approach.  We believe that everyone has the right and capacity to live their life in accordance with their aspirations, needs and abilities.  We also believe that the those availing of this service should be actively involved in planning and delivery.

Community inclusion and a person-centred approach are intrinsic in the HSE New Directions, Interim Standards Services and Supports for Adults with Disabilities.  In keeping with these standards, we deliver community inclusion services and activation from the resident’s home.

We ensure that each resident is empowered to make choices about how they live their daily life in the way they wish to live it.  All our staff ensure the safeguarding of the dignity, equality and confidence of each person.  We respect and promote the privacy of each resident and encourage maintaining relationships with family, their circle of support and their community.  The residents hold weekly Advocacy and Residents Committee Meetings and also have access to an Independent Advocate.

Between 4 and 8 people reside in each designated centre.  They are supported by social care workers and nursing staff.  Families and friends are a very important part of the social fabric of each house and continue to be fully involved in the lives of the residents.  The designated centres are very warm and welcoming and are beautifully decorated and furnished.  The gardens are landscaped so that residents can fully enjoy the outside spaces of their homes.  Each resident has their own bedroom, most of them en-suite, which they have personalised according to their own taste with photos, pictures and soft furnishings.

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