Teach Shingán provides respite services to adults between the ages of 18 and 65.  The service is available 11 days per fortnight to individuals residing in county Wexford with allocation decided by the HSE scheduling team.

The provision of care provided in Teach Shingán is generated through the use of a person-centred planning process.  Every Person-Centred Plan is unique and details the needs of the individual and the support required in order to maximise their personal development and quality of life, according to their needs and wishes.

Teach Shingán has a broad range of resources.  Nurses, social care workers, support staff and internal trainers all work towards improving the quality of life of each person at an individual level.  There is ongoing consultation between the day and residential team leaders, keyworkers and link workers to ensure that each person’s needs are being met during their respite break.

As well as providing a high standard of care based on individual person-centred planning, Teach Shingán also provides:

  • An opportunity for social interactions
  • Stimulating activities and therapies
  • New friendships
  • Social outings

Teach Shingán is a trusted centre for respite care with the values of dignity and respect at its core.  For further information, contact us.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Browne