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Kilcannon Garden Centre and Restaurant

053 9235514

Garden Centre Manager
Eoin Lacey

Restaurant Manager
Mary Celik

Astro Active Centre

053 9236678

Ivanna Yates

Bellefield Design

053 9236294

Riccardo Forte

Social Enterprise Manager:

053 9235514

Ben Bernie

Community Care Services

053 9233069

Community Care Key Contacts
Day and Residential Services Manager: Jacqueline Murphy
Community Inclusion Services & Rehabilitative Training: Meg McGinty
Vocational Training: Fran O’Hagan
Employment Schemes: Amy Walsh
Residential Services: Winnie Goucher
Respite Services: Sabrina Sheridan
Early Learning & Child Care: Annette Burton
Chief Executive: Trevor Jacob
Human Resources Manager: John Dalton