Beautiful botanicals are a strong feature in interior design currently.  Plants have become not only a finishing touch but a focal point for many interiors.  As well as making a big visual impact, plants also do a terrific job of cleaning the air in our homes.  This is an important function now more than ever, with so many people working from home and using electronic devices.  They also add interest to commercial spaces, such as shopping centres, hotels and reception areas.  We stock a large range of indoor plants all year round.  Our horticulturists will advise on the best plants for different areas of your home.  Below is some of our selection.

Easy Care Plants

These are our most popular collection of house plants.  They are perfect for busy households or for office or commercial spaces where you may not have a lot of time to tend to them.  Generally, a light watering once a week will keep them looking green and lush.  Depending on the species, a little extra attention will be required at certain times of the year with regard to feeding or repotting.  Ask us for advice.  Our most popular include:

Large Plants

Our selection of larger indoor plants are also chosen for their ability to thrive with little attention.  These are perfect for commercial spaces of for adding character to a sparse corner in your home.  We stock varieties such as yucca and dracaena and much more.  Call in for a browse.

Tropical Plants

Tropical plants and palms are evident in every stylish interior currently.   The larger plants mentioned above belong in this category but there are also smaller varieties that create big impact.  The unique shapes of the leaves and vibrant colours of the blooms are interesting and wonderful features.  Orchids are our best selling tropical plant and make a beautiful gift.

Succulents and Cacti

These types of plants are also very easy to care for as, left in a bright area, they will pretty much care for themselves!  The biggest mistake that is usually made with succulents and cacti is over-watering.  They can tolerate drought like conditions and so should be watered sparingly and only when the soil is dry.  They should never be allowed to sit in water.  We have a great range of mini-succulents and these look great on a sunny window sill and also make perfect desk plants if in a bright area.

Succulents in particular, are great air purifying plants and some are renowned for their medicinal properties.  Aloe Vera, possibly the most well-known for the latter, has been hailed as a wonder plant.  Its antioxidant and antibacterial properties have long been used to treat skin conditions, burns and wounds, digestive problems and heartburn.  It is also used prominently in the beauty industry as a natural skin moisturiser and hair repair solution.

Air Purifying

Indoor plants make the air we breathe cleaner.  They absorb toxins, absorb computer radiation, reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity and produce oxygen for us.  There are certain plants that do this spectacularly.  Dracaenea, mother-in-law’s tongue, spider plants and peace lilies to name but a few.  The super-plant, aloe vera is also known for its air purification properties.  Anthurium, as well as looking dramatic, also purifies the air brilliantly.  Indoor ivies are great air purifiers and will give a feel of the outdoors, indoors.  Most cacti and succulents also perform this function superbly and will sit neatly on your desk.

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Indoor Plant Pots and Care

We stock everything you need to care for your houseplants and to keep them lush and healthy.  Houseplants will benefit from being planted in the correct compost and from regular feeding.  We also have indoor plant pots stocked in a variety of sizes and many colours, perfect to compliment your plant and interior.