So, you’ve seeded your lawn, cultivated your beds and borders and planted your containers.  Your garden is looking fabulous and you want to keep it that way!  Call in to the shop at Kilcannon Garden Centre to pick up all you need to make your garden not only grow but flourish! Here are some of our bestselling products.

Lawn Care

  • Lawn Seed
  • Wildflower Meadow Seed
  • Seed Spreaders
  • Moss Removers
  • Selective Weedkillers
  • Lawn Fertilizers

Weed Control

  • Ground Clearance Weedkillers
  • Path and Gravel Weedkillers
  • Selective Lawn Weedkillers
  • Algae and Moss Removers
  • Weed Control Fabric

Brands include Pathclear, Roundup, Resolva and Weedol.


  • Liquid Feeds (for bedding plants and other fibrous root plants)
  • Granular Feeds (for shrubs and trees)
  • Rose Feeds
  • Lawn Feeds
  • Tomato and Vegetable Feeds
  • Indoor Plant Feeds


  • Multi-Purpose Compost
  • Seed and Cuttings Compost
  • Vegetable Compost
  • Indoor Plant Compost
  • Cacti and Succulent Mix

Pest and Disease Control

  • Anti-Slug Pellets
  • Bug Killers and Fungus Control for Roses
  • Bug Killers and Preventers for Flowering Plants
  • Bug Killers for Fruit and Vegetables

 Gardening Tools

  • Forks, Spades, Shovels
  • Rakes, Brushes, Lawn Edgers
  • Hand Trowels, Hand Forks
  • Secateurs and Shears

Gardening Accessories

  • Gloves
  • Sprayers
  • Stakes
  • Tree Ties
  • Strimmer Line
  • Wire
  • Soil Testing Kits
  • Plant Supports
  • Netting

Watering Accessories

  • Hoses and Connectors
  • Watering Cans
  • Hose Heads
  • Sprinklers