Strength & Tone

Strength & Tone



Strength & Tone Class

Wednesday’s @ 6.15pm

45 minute class

Starting Wednesday 3rd November 2021

6 week term

Online pre booking essential

Proof of full Covid 19 Vaccination required to participate

If you are new to exercise or getting back in to rediscover your love for the gym or just starting out on your own fitness journey? We understand it can be a daunting experience, our Strength & Tone Class is a great place to start that journey.

Strength and Tone is a muscle building and conditioning class, We use light weights, resistance bands and bodyweight. This class increases strength in your muscles which increases calories burned while building up your muscles. This class focuses on standing and mat work and is suitable for all fitness levels and can be altered to your fitness level.

Strength & Tone is a weight-based class that combines cardiovascular ballistic movements with strength. The class is thought in a formation of strength exercises, varying the speed of the exercise so we are constantly challenging the muscles. Strength & Tone works the whole body to sculpt & define arms, legs, shoulders, chest, back, glutes & abdominals (core) all while toning up and losing weight.

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